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Mom, I am not getting married till I have like 5 stamps on my passport.

And she fails to understand the gravity of the situation. Travel is important, you are with me on that girlies? So yeah! If you are probably wondering, if you would have to go through all the VISA process, here’s something for you. STOP WORRYING! Today I would enlighten you with a list of the countries where you can goto without applying for the whole VISA thingie.


1. Hong Kong: An Exciting World within a World. Yeah, that would be summing up Hong Kong in a line. Looks can be deceiving yeah! Beneath the crowded streets, blasting neon lights of the city lie a few blissful delights. The dim sums & jasmine tea served on the streets can give restaurants like Mainland China run for their monies ;) Places you must visit are : Ocean Park, Man Mo & Wong Tai Sin temples, Temple Street, Victoria Peak (Where you can catch a glimpse of this beautiful skyline), HK Disneyland.

Shopping Spots: You can do rilly good bargain shopping in the open air Stanley Market & Jardine’s Crescent

Night View of Hong Kong China

Visa : No Visa Required for Indian Nationals travelling to Hong Kong for a maximum stay of 14 days.

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2. Jamaica: The land of Bob Marley & an amazing one at that! This place takes the word “touristy” way too seriously. Like so much so that it’s borderline gaudy. Yet it is quiet something! ;) And it’s an island. DO I NEED TO UTTER ANOTHER WORD?

Places to visit without Visa

Shopping Spots: The Shoppes At Rose Hall – Montego Bay, Island Village – Ocho Rios Main Street

Visa: No Visa required up to six months provided your Indian passport is valid for intended period of stay, you have proof of sufficient funds & a confirmed return ticket.

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3. Sri Lanka : This country is much more than just a balloon shaped tail ender of our country. Political strife & natural disasters have done a little to tarnish the charm of Sri Lanka. And for what I have heard, food is to die for. The capital Colombo has It’s got a the best of everything- local bazaars, wildlife, cultural attractions & killer nightlife ;)

Still Fishing in Sri Lanka

What you see in the image is Stilt Fishing, which was an old tradition to catch fishes. It can still be seen in a few parts. Ping me to know more ;)

Shopping Spots: Head to Kandy, the cultural capital of the country. Handicraft markets is a place you MUST STOP & SHOP destination. You can pick really gorgeous souvenirs for your friends from here!

Visa: Tourists are issued visa on arrival for a period of 30 days.

More Information:

4. Macau: When you are going to Hong Kong, you might as well visit Macau. Getting to Macau from Hong Kong is really easy. The helicopters offer a really speedy service. Also, it might be wonderful to get on one of these shuttles ;) Super famous for Las Vegas style casinos & gambling, the place still relishes its old Portuguese culture.

Macau Beautiful Sunset

Shopping Spots: Bombeiros Square Market, Rua De Tercena Flea Market & San Domingos Market

Visa: No Visa required for a stay up to 30 days.


5. Malaysia: Well ofcourse! ;)

Malaysia would appeal each one of you. It is a perfect blend of Tropical jungles, forest-dwelling-tribes, ultra-modern culture, huge buildings, temples & mosques, shopping malls & adventurous National parks. Malaysia can shape-shift to meet its visitors whims n fancies

Malaysia Photography

Shopping Spots: Malaysians take the whole retain-therapy way too seriously. Shopping malls in here have rilly trendy clothes. What you must do is HAGGLE. But more on that later!

Visa: Umm, visa is required here. But then, you get it in 3 working days. So that’s no biggie!

Information Sources:

6. The Seychelles : This archipelago of 115 islands in Indian Ocean really gets me. It looks so blissful & at peace. Nature has been unsparingly kind on The Seychelles. Enjoy the water adventure sports, or just trail around in the beaches doing but getting lost in the beauty n tranquility of the place.

Visit Seychelles without Visa

Shopping : Must buy things from here are the jewels. Artists visit Seychelles for inspiration and settle there. Which is the reason, the place is a repository for really beautiful jewellery.

Visa:Tourists are issued a visa on arrival for a maximum of 15 days provided you have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival with the proof of return ticket.

Information Sources:

7. Indonesia : Not only is Indonesia world’s largest archipelago, it has the most perfect combination of adventure & bliss that adds up to a much-needed holiday. There is enough stuff to read on Indonesia & things to do in there. So I would spare you the details & just ask you to hire a mountain bike & visit the Sumatra’s volcanic craters, mountains & other wildlife sightings

Things to do in Indonesia

Shopping Spots: If in Jakarta, you must visit Manga Dua or Tanah Abang for best deals ;)

Visa: Tourists are issued a visa on arrival. Valid for upto 30 days from arrival.

Information Sources:

8. The Maldavies : Geological miracle is what people call it. With over 1,000 coral islands in the Indian Ocean, these are islands you can just not miss. Love whales & dolphins? Well, Maldives should be your next destination.

Beautiful Maldives Islands Photos

Shopping Spots: Singapore Bazaar in here is like the mecca for all the shopping buffs.

Visa: You will get a free 30 day visa upon arrival.

Information Sources:

9. Mauritius : This place is everything you would have imagined and a bit more. Go Hiking, visit museums, explore the ancient architectural heritages & visit the extremely famous Chinatown. Yield yourself to the Mauritian cuisine. Be sure to try on dhol purri, chilli cakes & fresh water prawns in hot sauces. And when you are here, don’t forget to let your guard down and enjoy the amazing Sea Walk ;)

Shopping Spots: Port Louis market & Quatre Bornes

Visa: Free Tourist Visa upon arrival for up to 60 days

Information Sources:

10. Costa Rica : Another easy come, easy go travel destination in Central America. Go on canopy tours, coffee tasting tours, surfing, volcano watching & get lost in the long nature walks. What do you get to do here that’s different? Bird watching & waterfalls. The countless waterfalls in this country only add up to the charm ;)

Shopping Spots:

Visa: Visa not required for a stay of 30 days

Information Sources:

So this is our list of hassle-free holidays you can plan instantly and run away with your friends, family or your guy ;) Are you planning for your holiday already? Keep me posted!

-Sasha <3

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