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Step by Step Guide to Red Gorgeous Lips

Love red lips and want to know how? Well here’s a step by step tutorial on how to get gorgeous FULL red lips!

Things you would need:


Concealer Powder

Lip Liner of a duller shade than that of your lipstick

Red Hot Lipstick!

Step by Step guide to Gorgeous Red lips

Detailed How-Tos:

Step 1 : Apply foundation and powder for a blank canvas. Your lipstick is going to stay longer with that :)

Step 2: Use a slightly duller tone of lip liner to go with the shade of red you have picked!

Step 3: Wipe out the lines that have gone haywire with the help of a an ear bud!

Step 4: Fill the lips with the same lip liner!

Step 5: Now is the time for you to apply your luscious red lipstick <3

Step 6: Use a brush if you are more convenient using it. And tadaa! There goes the final touch to your vintage look, if that is what you seek!

You can use the same technique with any other lip color, for it to last longer :)

Let us know how it worked out for you and in case if you are interested in knowing what kind of red would suit your complexion, celebrity trends, which color of red for day and night & some other extra tips, follow this link. Our writer Annie has done a fabulous job coming up with a super comprehensive Red Lipstick Guide ;)

-Sasha <3

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