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Side Swept Hairstyles

I love it when people are fearless when it comes to experimenting with new stuff. Especially hairstyles are my favorite topic of experimental discussion. You don’t always need a hair cut or hair color for a make over. All you need to do is use your brain a little and play around with your existing hair.

Before you look at the gorgeous pictures below, here’s how you can side sweep your hair.

Things Required:Wavy/Curly Hair. Provided your hair is straight, get yourself a curling iron. You would also need some styling gel, bobby pins, brooch/hairband/any other sort of hair accessories.

How To: Try and sweep your hair to a single side to start off with. Once done, pin the opposite side up. Apply some styling gel for it to stay as it is. Now, you can just leave that hair as it is or goof around with it. I would prefer goofing around. So yeah, here’s what you can do

1. Fish Tail Braiding: Make a braid out of the whole hair or just leave some part on the sides for a messy look. In case you are wondering how to do a fishtail braid, wait up for my next post.

2. Pony Tail : You can make a pony out of the hair and give it a retro kinda look

3. Messy Bun : You can make a bun out of the hair and wear a statement jewelry to complete the look ;)

4. Hair Accessories: Once done with one of these, you can doll yourself up with accessories like hair brooches or bands.

Now you can seek further inspiration from all these glamorous celebs :)

Lucy Hale

This Pretty Little Liars Star Lucy Hale looks super glam with her hair side swept. For those who don’t watch that TV show, you should start doing it to look at her dresses, hair styles and the gloss. It’s amazing. The second picture would give you a better sense of understanding on what variants can you try when it comes to side sweeping your hair.

Side Swept Celebrity Hairstyles

Blake Lively

You know only the other day I was discussing with Iasha on how obsessed I am with Blake’s hair. I could play with all day. She is my ultimate style inspiration when it comes to styling your hair. She totally captures the BEACH GODDESS look in here. Side swept her hair, left a huge part of it messy and mixed it with fishtail braiding and look at the end product. It screams glam.

Blake Lively Amazing Hairstyles

Amanda Seyfried

Another one of my fav. She did complete justice to this hairstyle. I love it that she is never too afraid of experimenting. It is kinda addictive. You can pin it up or braid it down. It works wonders both ways. What more, you can also pony it up to accentuate your accessories. What do you think of her style here?

Celebrity Side Swept Hairstyles

Taylor Swift

She is Barbie Doll cute. You know, not my kind of cute but yes, definitely adorable. Her Signature side swept curls have been style inspiration for quiet some time. If you are blessed with natural curls or have got ‘em down this is one hairstyle you must try out. Side sweep your hair, tie it up loosely. Pull out a few face framing pieces and apply some styling gel for it to stay put ;)

Taylor Swift Side Swept Hairstyle Signature Curls

Rachel Bilson

To get this hairstyle, all you need is a curling iron and some styling gel. Roll your hair around the curling iron in thick batches. Run your fingers through you hair and separate the curls. Once done, sweep the whole bunch of it to a side and pin it up on the other side for it to stay still. Use styling gel for a more long lasting effect.

Rachel Bilson Side Swept Hairstyles

Penelope Cruz

She does it with elegance. Like absolute purity. She made a bun out of the side swept hair in order to place complete emphasis on her statement jewelry. If you are looking for a more mature and sophisticated kind of a look for a party, this is something you can consider :)

Penelope Cruz Side Swept Hairstyles 2011 2012

Disney Stars

Ashley Tisdale, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. They have all been spotted sporting this look. Why? It’s super easy and duper chic. I love what Vanessa has done with her hair. She has mixed bangs with fishtail braiding and finished it up with the hairband which only adds to the cuteness aspect of it.

Ashley Tisdale Selena Gomez Vanessa Hudgens Side Swept Hairstyles

Going for elegant, pop, jazzy, chic, messy – Side sweeping your hair could take your “BLAH” hairstyle to “WOW”. And I think I have given out enough evidence to support my statement.

Try some of these yourselvess and let me know how it worked out for you guys ;) Also who do you think the best justice to this look. Share your views!

Till then,

Keep it Stylish Silly <3


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