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Make Your Personal Journal – DIY

My favorite photo app – INSTAGRAM ! I just adore it,for those of you who hasn’t used it yet its high time you do. Chifactor is very artsy and we love creating stuff and inspiring people to do the same. So here is what we have in store for you. Are you one of those people who love photography, writing journals, Jotting down notes or making sketches or doodles?! well, today we are going to show you how to put those both together and make your own personalized journal with your own pictures. Especially if you use Instagram then with a collage of those images. you can do it with your usual pictures as well. Here is how !

Follow these simple steps

1& 2 - Measure the length and width of the journal and add an 1/2 inch to both length and width. In Photoshop create a document of that size and copy paste your images Or you can always create your collage in picasa and take a print out of that document..Repeat the same thing again as we need 2 of them. 1,for the front of the journal and the next for the back of it.

3- Use scrap booking tape around the edges of the journal,if that doesn’t work you need proper glue which wont let the photo fall off.

4 & 5 - Press down the photo on top of the tap or glue and make sure its properly aligned open the book and cut any excess sheet coming to match the size of the photo.

6- Choose your lace lining or decorative tape and create the binding till the bottom of the book.

7- Take out your decorative stickers (in this case they used alphabet stickers to form ” IDEAS”) cut the stickers and decide where to put it and VOLA ! enjoy y our new personal journal.

pics from beautifulmess,designed by chicfactorgazette.

You can try  this out with different themes and colors.make your own customized journals, Adorable isn’t it!? Try it then

Hope you like making this, Till next time..



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