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Make Your Own Nail Polish!!

How often does it happen that you look at a gorgeous gorgeous nail color and you so badly wish you have it? But you can’t! That sucks right! Yeah, this tutorial for all those helpless girls.

Oh and it’s also for the one’s whose eye shadow or blush has exceeded its expiry date!

Things You would Need:

a. Fav shade of an Eye Shadow

b. Transparent Nail Color

c. Paper to Make a Funnel

d. Toothpick

Make your own nail polish using eye shadow

The Detailed How-Tos

Step I : Getting your act together. (:P) Pick your fav shade of eye shadow or the eye shadow that you would like to recycle. Mix two different colors to try out something fun! Be spontaneous.

Step II: Make sure the eye shadow is pretty loose. Otherwise grind it between the papers! Make a funnel with the help of the paper and put the loose eye shadow in it!

Step III: Pour the eye shadow with the help of the funnel like they do it in the picture. The more eye shadow you add, the more opaque your nail color’s going to be like!

Step IV: Stir the eye shadow and the clear nail polish with the help of a toothpick.

Step V: Mix it well and start painting your nails with uttermost pride! ;)

Let us know how you liked this post! And do share the pictures if you happen to try it!

-Sasha <3

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  • Beauty Tutorials

    That’s such a great idea! I’ve never seen a tutorial like this one before, but if I ever want to try something similar, I know where to look!..

  • Sasha ♥

    Thanks hun. We are glad you liked it! Keep coming back! :)

  • Amber

    Can’t wait to try this! I’m also “pinning” this tip-too good not to share! Thanks!

  • Sasha ♥
  • Madi W.

    Amazing! My friend and I did this together and LOVED it! For one we did mix two colors together and the colors separated so you have to mix it back together, but that wasn’t an issue for me! I want to do this many more times! Thank you for a great tutorial!


  • Iris

    This is amazing, I’m featuring this on my blog with the reference of course, it’s such an awesome idea plus I have tones of old eyeshadow. I’m already feeling awfully sorry I threw away some of them.



  • Brittny Sillers

    This def worked. But I’d prefer using darker color eyeshadows cause when I used a nude color that I liked alot it was kinda a mistake lol. So I added a dark color and it still turned out great and a very pretty color. I will be raiding Walmart an the dolar store shelves for eye shadow and clear coat. Plus I have a HUGE eye shadow kit I don’t use. Love this idea.

    • chicfactor

      Good to know Brittny! Do share the pictures :)

  • Angelina Castano

    For the clear polish do you use a top coat, base coat…what should I be looking for? I also have a eye shadow kit I don’t use all the colors for. Perfect!

    • Shannon

      I used both a topcoat and a base coat. Both worked perfectly!

  • Ruth Ann Harris

    You can put a small ball bearing , like a BB into the bottle, put the cap on and shake. Mixes the shadow and polish great.

    • chicfactor

      Thanks for the tip Ruth :)

  • karla leyva

    Did u add water?

    • chicfactor


  • alyssa anne

    it worked for me! i just used a darker blue eyeshadow, along with a top coat clear polish. i don’t think it really matters what sort of coat, because i have two polishes made with this method, from different coats. it does turn out sort of watery, so make sure you have enough eyeshadow, otherwise it will end up more clear than needed. i didn’t add water, because of the watery texture, yet it could be needed if you have more eyeshadow than usual.

    • Chas

      What about instead of water, using nail polish thinner? I think that’ll help to thin it out without letting the water ruin the polish. :)

  • Happytarist

    Wow! I must remember to save the empty nail polish bottles in the future. Now I just tried to make a one time portion of DIY nail polish :) Check it out :) Things don’t always go the way you want them to go!

    • chicfactor

      Looks lovely :)

  • DIY lover

    Super cool idea

  • caroline

    this worked so well! i had so much old eyeshadow lying around! i used an opi clear coat as a base, so i have opi quality polish in my own colors! thanks for this!

  • Evelyn

    I tried to do this with some old eye shadow (the brand was color theory i think) and a NYC top coat, and mine came out VERY sheer. No matter how much eye shadow I put in it didn’t affect it at all. I continued adding eye shadow, and it didn’t work, but after a while I started painting my nails with it and after about 4 coats I could see it, do you know what happened? Was it the brand of eye shadow? I was kind of disappointed, but I think I will try this with another brand of eye shadow, since this is really cool. Thanks for any help you can give me!

  • ashia barnes

    i love this tutorial … i have tried it with l.a.color eye shadow and clear polish.. dollar store products and it turned out great…!!!!

  • Tis Niff

    Sally beauty supply has tiny Sally girl clear coat bottle just in case you don’t want to use a big bottle of clear coat. Also their only 99cents each.

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  • Christine Chipman

    This is awesome. I’ve definitely got to try doing this myself. Looks like lots of fun, as well as saving a lot of money :D

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