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Lavish Lavie Bags

So rare to find awesome yet affordable bags in this country. Lavie bags seem to have solved our problem here. With their latest collection of clutches with bows, bags with accentuated bows and many other stylish patterns..they show how to GO CHIC!

This formal bag literally stole my heart. It is so fashionable n elegant. Esp with that pattern and the finishing. It is a CORPORATE-MUST HAVE!

Formal Bags India

It is not just the formal wear though. Their casual collection is rockn n rolling the town too. They are casual but rich on style. Confused about what bag to carry with what dress? Well this is one of those bags which would go with just anything and everything.

Tote Bags India

Is it just me or the entire fashion world is high on the color TEAL. I SEE IT EVERYWHERE. Not that I am complainin ;)

Teal Satchel Handbags

It’s not just these generic shapes. Their dome shaped collection is just fabulous too. In one word : FUNKY. Looking for a bag for an entire day of tiresome shopping(oxymorons because shopping can never be tiring) ;) so yeah. This is the bag for it. This would totally go with a hard rock party theme as well.

Dome Satchel Lavie Bags

This dome shaped bags comes in not just the color-I-see-everywhere (teal), it comes in a bright yellow color which is totally uplifting. Want a bag to make a statement? Well, this is your baby!

Dome Lavie Bags

While we are on the dome shape, here is some feast for your eyes. The color, the shape, the style. Everything speaks funky chic!

Box shaped bags India

& Here’s the show stealer..Love the patchworky pattern here. The colors are subtle but very hawt. We love it. Do you?

Patterned Tote Bags

And guess what? All this within a price range of Rs.1700 – Rs 3000 /- !!!! Visit their website for more information on their retail outlets! :)

-Sasha <3

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