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Chic.ili.cious Reverse French Manicure

I NEVA BELIEVED IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT…..until I laid my eyes on these beautiful babies!!!!

Isn’t it absolute beauty girls and also guys of your girls?? This french manicure absolutely won my heart(and thank you Glamour, you did an applaudsome job once again) ! And I found a wonderful video which would help you in getting nails like that!

And there are various color combination’s which you can try! Have a look for yourself <3

French Manicure with Half Moon Blue and Nude nail polish! Absolute hawtness! Although her lips might require some tip-therapy from us, but let’s not deviate from the point.

This one’s a classic black and white, something that never goes outta style!!

And here is the best of em all “The Louboutin Manicure”. Requirement : Really long nails.Black and red Nail paint. This Manicure has a red coat on the underside of the nail. The whole idea is to mimic the Louboutin Signature Red Sole theme. Très Adorable I say! Makes me wanna thwart my short-nail pledge and grow nails li dat and tap this beauty!

louboutin french manicure

What do you say ladies? Which among these chic-lit reverse french manicures won your heart?? ;) For me, my nails have always been the conversation starters. What purpose do they serve for you?  Lemme know!

All Ears All Hearts <3

-Sasha ♥

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