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Hairstyles For Long Hair

Have you got that Long Hair people will die for? If you are sick of doing the long pony or the straight  hair and you want something new to try every week then here is what you can do.we would show you some  hairstyles you can experiment with  if  you’ve got that  good long,thick hair.


Fishtail braids are on a roll this seasons.If you have long hair with loads of volume or long hair with ok volume doesn’t matter.This is one style you have to try. Keep it messy. A few strands pulled out here and there and you are ready to rock the look.

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Big Hair/Puffy Hair style

I am a fan of puffs but my mom isn’t.Every time i do it, she makes fun of it but i think everybody’s definition of fashion is different. I also think she would appreciate the fish tail braid for some reason.Anyways, So the puffy hair style is THE BEST. you can braid your hair how you generally would and put it in the front.Make a puff with the front part of your hair and again. Pull out few strands.I am a lover of the messy hair looks. so i say it.

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Side Pony

Try different kinds of pony tails.A side pony is quiet perky and fun. You should try and do your pony to a little side and leave your bangs out or can do a puff depending on how you like it.You can also make the pony wavy or straight.Low or high.Try them all.You will come to a style you absolutely ADORE.

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Messy Bun

This is my cool hair style.I adore it!! Make a messy bun.Wear your tee,Jeans,converse. Hang your bag and leave. The careless fashion. Its just perfect!! Try different sort of knots and make that messy look work.Always pull the strands out. I know i am repeating it over again and again but there is a reason for it.So just do it.

Messy hair bun,How to make a messy hair style,

Wavy Hair

Make some time. Do the Curls or you can get the wavy hair look even with your straightener.Its pretty easy try it.You can also use rollers. Put them on and go to sleep if you think you don’t want to sit and wait for it but do try it ladies.

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Those are some hairstyles you can try.They are pretty easy and you wont get bored with the daily look. Let us know if you have more ideas.Hope you liked the post. Till then…


-Iasha <3

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  • reenu

    nice style

  • Leira

    Gorgeous! turtorials would be fabulicious!

    • chicfactor

      Will be on it :) Which one do you want see the first?

      • Tina Suchde

        Your hair- the messy bun!! Looks lovely! :)
        And after that, the big hair / the puffy hair style!

  • ✌Cleyra✌


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