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Fishtail Braiding

Seen em everywhere and confused on how to make them. Well stick on and at the end of this post you will be able to make gorgeous fishtail braids ;)


Fashion Blogger Fishtail Braiding

Here’s what you need : Comb, Elastic Bands.

Grabbed em? Alright, let’s get started

Step 1 : Breathe ;)

Step 2: Divide your hair into two large sections and comb em properly if you want a neat fishtail braid. Leave it messy for an even more perfect look. If you are new, I would recommend taking your hair to the side and do a side wise fishtail.

Procedure ot fishtail braiding

Step 3: Pull out a thin strand from the first section and pass it on to the second section. Like cross stranding. The skinnier your strand is, the better your fishtail is going to look.

Fishtail Braid procedure

Step 4: Pull out a thin strand from the second section and mix it with the first section. Do it just how you did it before.

Step 5: Repeat the steps till you reach to the very end of it.

How to do Fishtail Braids Tutorial

Once done, you can tie your hair with pretty satin bands and give it a perfect ending.

You can also bump your hair up and then continue with the fishtail braids. It looks awesome either ways.

Beehive Fishtail Braiding

The fishtail braids not only look awesome, they would come off really handy during the summers. You can make a high pony and start the braiding from there. It looks absolutely pretty <3. It gives that school girl look which is so chic!

Cute pony fishtail braids

Remember when I said, the messier the merrier?

Amazing Messy Fishtail Braiding

Here’s a video tutorial to give you a better picture. Do it along with her. It would make things so much more easier :)

And here are a few celebrities who always look super fabulous but then the fishtail braiding added on to the charm of it.
Jessica/Vanessa, it doesn’t matter. She did sucha good job here. It’s worth mentioning. Here’s how you can integrate bangs with fishtail braiding. Awesome ain’t?
Fishtail braiding celebrity

And how can we talk about long sexy hair styles and not mention Blake Lively? The way she does it, oh boi. I rather not get started on how pretty her hair is again.

Serena Blake Lively Hairstyle Fishtail Braids

I hope you girls try out this out. This and various other variants of fish tail braids and share your experiences with us.


Sasha <3

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  • shramana

    thanks!!!!!!!!it was really helpful……..i thought it would b confusing ……

    • chicfactor

      Absolutely not :) It’s easier than the normal braiding once you get used to it! We are glad it helped!

  • Cece

    i love the fishtail braid i just learned how to do it in 2 mins! THANKS!

  • Arushi Mathur

    i love the fishtail braid i just learned how to do it in 2 mins! THANKS!

    • Zafirah Hussain

      U cunt Av got it in 2 minutels it takes at least 10 or more minutes but never less

  • sara khan

    hey i love the messy braid but very tuf

    • coolgirl

      The messy braid luks gorgeous but it is pretty hard!!
      I don’t get how people can do it so easily!!!
      I would rather do d fishtail braid dan a normal easy braid but dis is much harder!!!

  • Ashlinn

    i don’t know but its hard for me

  • Stella

    OMG a fishtail braid is really hard to do

  • makayla

    this was so easy for me!

  • Tori

    Hard though, but I love the results. TYSM.

    • hi


  • hannah


  • Lena

    This kinda helps but it in confusing and FRUSTRATING !!!,

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