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DIY Glitter Nail Polish

Now that we are clear with our basics of making our own nail polish, it’s time to take it a step ahead and add some glitter to it!

Are you ready to glitter your nails girls?

How do you make gorgeous Nail Glitter Paint at Home

“From where can we buy this glitter nail polish” is a question I have been asked this question a plenty of times. So this one post will be the full stop to all those questions!

Things Required :

a. Transparent Nail Polish

b. Paper to make funnel

c. Glitter of various sizes and colors

d. ToothPick

And here are the steps :

Step I ) Buy all possible glitters. Buy em big, small, heart shaped, random shaped! Try and buy solvent resistant glitter. It would help the glitter stay longer. They are readily available in Amazon & Ebay

Step II) Take a suspension base for the glitter to stay put and for a longer period of time.

Step III & IV) Cut a paper in the form of a square. Make a funnel out of the paper by rolling it! Keep the hole of the funnel in a way that it fits the nail polish hole!

Step V) Fix that funnel in the nail polish hole.

Step VI) This is my favorite step. Bring it on!!! Pour the glitter in gently and let it settle

Step VII) Mix it with a toothpick and shake it vigorously and let it mix!

Apply black nail paint as base coat. Next apply the glitter nail paint you just made. And seal it with a base coat for the glitter to stay :)

Variation II

We can try out a variety of glitter nail polishes. For e.g., this solid single color glitter nail paint! All you would need to do is apply a solid coat of green. Make the green glitter with the help of above mentioned technique and ta daaa gorgeous

Make your own solid glitter nail paint!

Variation III

This looks the best with white. Trust me! Apply a base coat of white. Take a clear polish and make a glitter nail paint following the steps listed below to get something like this!

Get White Colorful Glitter Nails

Variation IV

You want to mix two glitters, go ahead and do that. And for best effects, pick two different sizes and you would be surprised. You can mix em with solid colors instead of clear polish!

How to get gorgeous glitter nails at home!

I am hoping this post was of great help to you. If you manage to create something chic through this tutorial, do share!

Till then!

Happy DIY’ing & also check out our DIY Glitter French Manicure Nail Art :)

-Sasha <3

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  • Annie

    WOWWWWWWWWWWW.. This is the Best Sasha <3
    I'm going to do it :D :D

  • Sasha ♥

    I am so glad you liked it hun! Try it ASAP and share it with us! :)

  • supriya

    very very very useful… thanks a ton!!…

    • chicfactor

      You are welcome darling. Do try it and let us know how it worked out for you :)

  • Goose

    You stole pictures from MANY bloggers without so much as a source. One of them is mine (the bottom right tile in your DIY Glitter Nail Polish pic), and I request that you remove it. Thank you.

  • devangi


    • chicfactor

      Thank you!

  • Ashley Adams

    I wouldn’t use the polish in the pictures though :/

    Konad polish is $$$ and made specfically for stamping so it is uber thick.

  • Alaine

    I have a question, I stumbled upon this post because I had already been doing this with some of my nail polishes but after a little while, the glitter and the nailpolish sort of seperate, like the glitter does not stay suspended in the nail polish and i was looking for a way to fix this? does this happen to you too? is the only solution to re-mix it with a toothpic when youre going to use it?

    • dk.vandenberg

      Same problem in here! I happened to stumble upon a website that stated that you can add those small metal spheres / bullets / balls (I don’t know the exact word for it in English). When you shake it then, those object make the glitter to divide equally through the nail polish. I have really no idea where to buy those, but maybe you could try to find them in craft or building stores?

    • chicfactor

      Hello.. This happens due to high viscosity of nail lacquers. you can dilute them by adding a nail polish tinner or enamel solvents.. this would easily let the sparkle suspended :)

      • Lindsay M

        thinning them does not make the glitters stay evenly dispersed. If you want to have glitters that do not sink (like the polishes you buy commercially), you need a suspension base, not just any old clear polish. You also don’t want to have too much polish in the bottle, or the glitter won’t fit. Also, if the glitters are not solvent-fast, your polish will quickly turn to crap. :/

    • Crystal

      this happens because clear polish is not meant to suspend glitters. You need suspension base which the article failed to mention

  • dk.vandenberg

    I love this tutorial! I’m só going to make them myself! Thanks a lot!

  • Lindsay M

    you’re right.. all of these recreations are impossible based on what is suggested here.

  • Crystal

    First off you need suspension base for glitter, otherwise it will sink. You also need to make sure your glitter is solvent resistant (which most craft store glitters are not). The glitters will bleed and melt which ruins the creation

  • Adria Banks

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this post!

  • Kristy Lounder

    Clear nail polish + glitter does not = a successful glitter nail polish. You need suspension base and solvent resistant glitter. Otherwise you will end up with a thick goopy mess with bleeding glitter in it, wasted time and money.

  • PinkQueen

    You deleted my comment, but I’m just trying to save people time and money. Let’s make my comment more constructive then.
    1. You can’t use just any glitter because eventually (few days, weeks) most craft glitter will bleed out, some even melt, curl, stick together. Look for solvent-resistant glitters. I have purchased some from Etsy and Ebay.
    2. You can use a clear polish if you would like, but it won’t suspend the glitter. It is best to use suspension base unless you want to get very frustrated shaking a bottle of glitter that has settled and has no balls in it. Also, some glitter will stick to the side of the bottle with all the shaking…pretty frustrating.
    3. If you need balls, get some that are steel or specifically made for polish, otherwise they will rust or mess with the composition of the polish.
    4. The polishes pictured should not be used as examples as Konad is a “stamping art” polish. And you probably shouldn’t borrow images of commercial polishes with a DIY. Maybe next time show pictures of your own creations.

  • PaleShadows

    This will not work with regular clear nail polish or regular craft glitter. You need suspension base and solvent resistant glitters. Why is none of this stated in the article? Perhaps because you, yourself have never even tried these “variations”? You used pictures of manicures wearing commercial name brand glitter nail polishes, NOT your “DIY Variations”. If you’re going to post a tutorial that will cost readers time and money, please do the research needed. What you’re suggesting in this tutorial will do nothing but cost readers time and money, only to come with a blob of sinking, bleeding glitters that quickly turn into a gloppy mess. You can delete this comment too, but others will be right behind me to post the correct information for readers.

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