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DIY Braided Tee Shirt

Anyone around who doesn’t have plain colored t-shirts stuffed somewhere in a corner of their wardrobe? Plain tees are great things to wear- can be paired with sooo many things, are great for color blocking and are absolutely versatile. But if you are going to wear plain tees does not mean they have to be boring! You can spruce up a neglected tee in the blink of an eye, and it will be new all over again. So get your t shirts ( not just plain ones, just about any t-shirt you want to revamp) while we show you how to make your very own braided neck tee shirt, and then click lots of pictures with your guy because you’ll be looking really cute wearing your “new top”..!! Here we go!

Complete DIY Tutorial for Braided Tee Shirt Making

You’ll need

A Tee-Shirt


Coordinating Thread and Needle


Here are your Detailed Steps

Step I : Lay out your old tee flat on the surface

DIY Old Tee Projects

Step II : Start by marking the slits you have to cut. You can go freehand here too, but if you’re doing it for the first time, it would be a good idea to mark them with a chalk. Its not a science experiment, so don’t worry too much about being accurate.

DIY Braided Tee Shirt

Step III : We have marked approximately 2-inch slits placed a little under an inch apart. The length of the slits and the distance between them will change the thickness of the “braid”. Cut the first slit half the length of the others, because all the pulling will enlarge it a bit.

DIY braided Tee Tutorial - Easy Guide

Step IV: Once all the slits are cut, we begin the braiding. It’s really simple, and if you think you have gone wrong, just begin again. To braid, take the strip # 2 and push it under strip #1. Pull the loop that is formed in the direction of the slits and push strip # 3 inside the loop, and so on.

DIY Braided Tutorial for Old Tees

Step V : Braid all the loops and fasten the final loop to the t-shirt with a thread. If you find a little hole near the first loop, stitch it up a little.

DIY tutorials for stuff you can do with your old tees!

Step VI : Don’t worry if it looks bunched up, because it is a part of the look. The top will fit you perfectly!

DIY Braided Tee Tutorial Step by Step Guide

So go ahead, bring out your magic wand and transform plain tees by braiding them. Once you get the technique, you can braid the sleeves too! Have fun running scissors over your tees. And till then, keep it chic!


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  • Loki

    Good. The shirt I chose to do this to had always been baggy around the neck line. I thought braiding it might make it wearable again and it turned out alright. There were a couple issues: the actual braid would leave holes in between the loops, I resolved it by twisting the loop before passing another loop through it. Another problem was since the shirt was already baggy the seam of the neck line bunched up a lot more than the reference pictures show. The solution was to make the cuts longer and stretch out the fabric to make it as loose as possible. over all I am happy with the way it turned out. Though I don’t think that there are too many shirts in the world that you can do this to.

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