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Christmas reminds us of all the sweet red candy canes, the glistening green Christmas tree, white snow and everything colourful. So we thought of giving our Chic Factor girls a Nail treat. We assure you, this is the simplest Nail Art DIY which makes it all the more endearing.


Nail Lacquers in different shades. We used- Jasmine green, ruby red, white, sparkly pastel blue, black, golden and silver.

Nail art pens or toothpick

Scotch or normal tape


We’ll do the nail art in two parts. First, putting the coats and then decorating it.


Start off with a base coat to protect your natural nails. Let it dry completely!

Nail 1- Paint jasmine green (Look at the figure above)

Nail 2- Cut a scotch or a normal tape and paste it diagonally on nail 2. Paint the uncovered portion ruby red.

Nail 3 and Nail 4- Paint them ruby red

Nail 5- Paint it white

Make sure nails are COMPLETELY DRY before your proceed to Part II


Nail 1- Use the head of the toothpick and immerse it in white paint. (You can take out a few drops on a paper). Make alternate dots each time you immerse the head in the paint.

After it’s dry, make tiny dots with ruby red inside white dots. Use the same procedure.

Nail 2- Remove the tape and carefully apply sparkly pastel blue shade on the second half of diagonal.

After it’s dry, make a diagonal line with golden shade using the tip of the toothpick.

Nail 3- Make tiny alternative dots in white using the tip of the toothpick. Leave a gap in the middle for the zig-zag line.

After it’s dry, make zig-zag in white using the tip of the toothpick.

Nail 4- Using a black nail art pen or a toothpick, make a curve like shown in the figure.

After it’s dry, make dots in silver on the black curve. See the figure.

Nail 5- Make diagonal lines in ruby red using the tip of the toothpick.

Voila! You’re done! Isn’t it just a two Step process? A coat and some cute art-work.

Go paint your nails and share with us on our facebook page. We might feature you if we like it!



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